The lodge is taking every precaution to ensure the health and safety of its guests. All our staff are vaccinated. The rooms and guest areas are sanitized thoroughly on a daily basis, whereas common guest areas are sanitized several times in the day. We have a fully equipped medical kit, with pulse oximeter among other things to measure oxygen levels. As a precaution, we also have on the ready a spare to serve as an isolation room if need be.

Kanha and the Lodge  are connected to 2 airports that have flights from all major Indian cities. Raipur is about 200 kms (a 4 hour drive) and Nagpur is about 260 kms (a 5.5 hour drive) from the lodge. Gondia is the nearest major railway station, 125kms (2.5 hour drive) from the lodge.

Kanha tiger reserve is open from 1st Oct to 30th June each year, and is closed for the 3 months of monsoon. Every Wednesday evening the park is closed.

Kanha has 3 distinct seasons with a hot summer, faily cool winter. And heavy rain during the monsoon. The cool weather sets in mid-October with November end to early Jan being the coldest. The warm weather kicks in from mid March until the Monsoons arrive in June.

Day and night time temperatures tend to vary greatly, with mornings and evenings being pleasant round the year.  Winter temperatures range from 5 to 20 degrees Celsius and summer from 18 to 40 degrees Celsius.

No matter the weather, best to carry full pants, and full sleeved shirts in earth colours along with sensible walking shoes. These will serve you in winter and the summer and help ward off dust and insects.

Since the temperatures between dawn to mid-day vary a great deal, it is advisable to dress in layers one can peel off as the sun gets warmer. Hat/cap/sunscreens are a must.

Yes, we offer free parking facility to inhouse guests.

Yes. The lodge welcomes guests of all ages.  The safaris are in open vehicles and for several hours at a time. It will therefore depend on each child whether they will be able to sit though a safari. An important point to note:- the park treats children 5 years and above as those occupying a full safari vehicle seat. Since a maximum of 6 guests are allowed in each safari vehicle, this is something to keep in mind while booking safaris.